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THANK YOU for Supporting FoAT's Gala Fundraiser!

This year's Gala raised almost $9,000 to support our senior programs.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the donors, Tango teachers and Milonga organizers who contributed to our Silent Auction and Raffles to raise an additional $1300:

Jose Fluk and Omar Murad at Ensueno

Adam Hoopengardner and Ciko Tanik at Tango Cafe

Juan Pablo Vicente and Omar Murad at Tango La Nacional

Robin Thomas and Kim Dai at Gallo Ciego

Carlos Andres Dueñas at Barrillito Especial

Maureen and Carlos Urrego at La Practica Resaca

Carina Moeller from Triangulo

Maria Jose Sosa

Rebecca Schulman

Victoria Codru

Alla Kotler, Mariposa Tango Boutique

Batt Johnson

Eni + Vincent Falci

Robert Sanfiz, La Nacional

Balvanera Restaurant

Estancia Restaurant

Marta Heflin Foundation

Porto Rico Imports

With our deepest gratitude,

Walter Perez + Leonardo Sardella

Regina Angeles, Susan Ettenheim, Sonia Rodrigues-Marto + Luis Pulgarin

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