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Friends of Argentine Tango was founded in 2013 to explore and promote the positive benefits of dancing Tango and other Latin Social Dances to bring the joy of dance to people who might otherwise never try it. We are introducing dancing to seniors, children, people coping with chronic conditions and disabilities. We believe that Tango is a multi-generational bridge activity that teaches social etiquette, a creative outlet for the disenfranchised, physical and emotional therapy, and an opportunity to experience a sense of community.

Social dance is an effective and fun activity with demonstrated positive impact on a wide range of disorders, from chronic diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular) the problems related to aging (fall prevention, bone density) and the sometimes overwhelming effect of loneliness on the human spirit.

At Friends of Argentine Tango we seek to share our experience with the Tango and other Latin Social dances to expand awareness and inclusion.

Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion

The Friends of Argentine Tango dance programs were developed to bring Tango to a wide range of individuals and groups. The focus is on dancing as a relaxing social activity and as an opportunity for healthy exercise. It's time for fun without the anxiety many people feel in classes that emphasize performance and proficiency.

Tango can, and should, be accessible to a diverse audience. Inclusion means getting the people who usually sit on the sidelines to join in the dance. The differences that divide people - age, sexuality, ethnicity, and ability - fall away when two people take a walk to the music. Diversity, accessibility, and inclusion are at the heart of FoAT's mandate.

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