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Dance has many physical benefits - from maintaining bone density and enhancing balance in older people to encouraging children to get away from screens and move around. Wellness is rooted in the mind and body together, and nothing unites them better than dance.

Simply moving with another person in an embrace, while responding to music is a magical experience. There are deep emotional and psychological benefits to dancing with partners and in a group. Tango, with its roles and traditions, builds confidence while teaching respect for others and comfort in differences. FoAT offers all dance program participants a welcoming embrace.

“I learned how to communicate more in a group.
This experience inspired me to work harder to be on stage one day”

“I Think It's Wonderful. I Love Dance”

Leah Hall, 98 Years Old

Classes And Workshops

Teaching Artist Class (Latin Social Dance & Exercise program): 


We offer 45-minute and 60-minute sessions led by professional Latin Dancers experienced in Tango, Salsa, Bachata and Cumbia. The sessions include seated warmups and exercises, fundamental steps and an introduction to the different rhythmic styles through music

Shows and Interactive Workshops:

We can create choreography and workshops for private and corporate events that include dance instruction, performance and live music.

DJ Service:

We provide DJ services for Private, Corporate and Senior Center events like monthly birthday parties. Our DJs provide the perfect blend of the most loved Latin music ever created for your dancing enjoyment. Our DJs will deliver the right amount of interaction to assure your dance event will be filled with high energy and fun.

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Weekly Class Schedule

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