Thanks to all who have joined Friends of Argentine Tango for its program offerings. Due the recent outbreak of and uncertainty associated with

COVID-19, FoAT has decided to join the decision of the international tango community to cancel all presential classes until further notice. 

We develop some free online classes. Check our schedule and call to join and get passwords codes.

our programs

Our success is due in part to the overwhelming need for our programs and in part to our recruitment of some of the best and most experience dance instructors, performers and choreographers in the New York area

  • SAGE Manhattan our first program for GLBT 50+ seniors, August 2014 to March 2018

  • IATI Theater its second program, for adults at the in October 2014

  • Sunnyside Community Services Center It third program for active adults October 2014/November 2014

  • JASA Bronx Senior Center weekly class program installed in December 2014 - Ongoing

  • YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood Since February 2015 weekly class- Ongoing

  • New York City Center we partnered with the educational department of City Center in a big project that impacted more than 1800 students, 8 Tango teaching artists taught 62 workshops, for 8 schools ( Ps/Is 206; Ps/93; Cs 211; Is 285; Ps 21; Frank Sinatra; Ps 9). We also performed with the FoAT’s faculty ( Walter Perez, Leonardo Sardella, Mariana Parma, Mariela Franganillo, Ana Padron, Diego Blanco, Cecilia Saia & Valeria Solomonoff ) on the stage of City Center previous to the show M!longa, February/March 2015.

  • St Lukes’s School residency of 10 classes and a culminating public program March/May 2017

  • The Beacon School mini residency of 6 classes from 4/20 to 5/6 2015

  • Atlantic Tango weekly class and practica held at Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture) 4/27/2015 to November 2016

  • Ballet Hispanico special workshop for 24 students and 4 faculties 10/24/2015

  • Leman Manhattan Preparatory School special show for the celebration of the International day 1/29/2016 and 1/26/2018

  • Dance Parade residency of 10 classes at Hudson Guild (3/23 to 5/25 2016) and participation on the 10th annual NY Dance Parade May 21,2016,

  • The Children’s Museum of Arts, two special interactive workshops for kids teaching evolution of Argentine Tango dance and history 10/2/2016

  • Groove with me special workshop for teen girls on February 2017

  • Queens Community House since March 2017 we have a special program for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Ongoing

  • STAR Senior Center since July 18, 2017 we have a program that started with one class a week today we run 3 classes a week program. Ongoing

  • ISABELLA Senior Center since October 17, 2017 weekly class. Ongoing

  • HANAC Innovative Senior Center, Astoria, since February 22, 2018,weekly one and half hour class. Our program at the HANAC Innovative Senior Center in Astoria was recently singled out with an official certificate of recognition. I’m happy that the New York City Public Advocate selected us, by funding to extend the program till the end of this year. Ongoing

  • HANAC Ravenswood Senior Center, since June 27 2019 every last Wednesday of the month Dj Service for the monthly birthday celebration.

"If you can walk you can Tango." Leonardo Sardella

diversity, accessibility and Inclusion

      The Friends of Argentine Tango dance programs were developed to bring Tango to a wide range of individuals and groups. The focus is on dancing as a relaxing social activity and as an opportunity for healthy exercise. It's time for fun without the anxiety many people feel in classes that emphasize performance and proficiency.

      Tango can, and should, be accessible to a diverse audience. Inclusion means getting the people who usually sit on the sidelines to join in the dance. The differences that divide people - age, sexuality, ethnicity, and ability - fall away when two people take a walk to the music. Diversity, accessibility, and inclusion are at the heart of FoAT's mandate.

"Tango is all about the embrace." Walter Perez

Tango for wellness and well being

      Dance has many physical benefits - from maintaining bone density and enhancing balance in older people to encouraging children to get away from screens and move around. Wellness is rooted in the mind and body together, and nothing unites them better than dance.

      Simply moving with another person in an embrace, while responding to music is a magical experience. There are deep emotional and psychological benefits to dancing with partners and in a group. Tango, with its roles and traditions, builds confidence while teaching respect for others and comfort in differences. FoAT offers all dance program participants a welcoming embrace.

children's program

Crafted to match the interest of children in different age group as well as the needs of the institution hosting these classes.

Programs may be offered in a variety of format.

1. Residency of 10 to 20 classes meeting once or twice a week for 10 weeks *
2. Mini-residency of 4-6 classes *
3. Workshops and master classes.

* Residency usually concludes with a student performance and may also feature an exhibition dance performed by the teachers.




“I learned how to communicate more in a group. This experience inspired me to work harder to be on stage one day”

Saniya, High School Student at Frank Sinatra School


seniors program

A gentle style of tango based on embracing one’s partner and walking gracefully.

The hot moves of Argentine Tango not only keep the aging body in shape, they also help sharpen the aging brain. Studies presented at the Society for Neuroscience have shown that Tango may offer a boost in brainpower that could offset the declines that can come with old age. Tango dancing is beneficial to the elderly because it incorporates elements found in standard neurological rehabilitation programs. Not only do dancers gain improvements in balance and motor coordination, an added benefit of tango is that its movements are performed to music, which is known to facilitate performance of ambulatory activities. Tango dancing is an ideal leisure activity for the elders as it satisfies three basic requirements of exercise adherence: it’s fun, it’s a group activity, and it has a tangible goal that can be perceived not only by the dancer, but by his or her family and friends.



Music and Movement,
March 2017-March 2020, 
Program for seniors coping with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

JASA Bronx , Sue Ginsburg Senior Center , Ritmos Latinos Ongoing program since 2014



Weekly "Ritmos Latinos" Class

Ongoing Program since 2014

Tuesdays 1 - 2pm

JASA Bronx , Sue Ginsburg Senior Center , Ritmos Latinos Ongoing program since 2014


Weekly “Latin Mix” class ( February 2015-March 2020)

JASA Bronx , Sue Ginsburg Senior Center , Ritmos Latinos Ongoing program since 2014


Summer Party, 2017

with Sofia Tosello Trio and Karina Romero

JASA Bronx , Sue Ginsburg Senior Center , Ritmos Latinos Ongoing program since 2014


Multigenerational, Latin Dance and Exercise program

JASA Bronx , Sue Ginsburg Senior Center , Ritmos Latinos Ongoing program since 2014

our partners

Foat's Present & past programs

Queens Community house
children museum of the arts
city center
dance parade
groove with me
hanac iakovos 
Hanac Ravenswood 
hanac innovative
heights & hills
ym & ywha

our sponsors

Marta Heflin Foundation
lower manhattan Cultural council
New York State Council on the arts

Tango for Wellness is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement / Creative Learning, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.


Tango for Parkinson’s, January & February 2020

JASA Bronx , Sue Ginsburg Senior Center , Ritmos Latinos Ongoing program since 2014
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