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Happy New Year from FoAT!

Dear Friends,

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, FoAT had to stop all of our programs, but we found a way to keep our mission alive and be present in the lives of our seniors by transitioning to Zoom programs. We provided critical emotional support when our older adult population was vulnerable and isolated.

This year we came back to in person programs. We doubled our classes and provided special performances and DJ services to celebrate with our seniors at their parties.

We also successfully collaborated with a great Latino nonprofit "Mexico Beyond Mariachi" to offer cultural workshops on the music, dance and traditions of Mexico to our seniors.

We are grateful to our generous family of donors who supported us in rebuilding this year.

Our growth plans for 2023 include

  • Restarting our Tango classes for all audiences

  • Creating and recording a series of public lectures with the living legends of Argentine Tango.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year ahead,

Walter & Leo

Last Class of 2022 at YM & YWHA Inwood

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