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Walid Guzman

WaLid came to theater by way of dance, focusing mainly in flamenco. He has studied in NYC, and Sevilla, Spain with La China, Omayra Amaya and Manuel Betanzos among others. (1999-2011)

  • Naranjito Flamenco Dance Co. National Tour. Arts, and Ed performances. (2006-2007)

  • Performed in Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. (2007-2008)

  • Jacob’s Pillow on scholarship. Residency and performance (2010)

  • Symphony Space NYC: children dance classes assistant/percussion

He set his sights in percussion, playing derbuka (Egyptian drum).

He studies Middle Eastern percussion under Ramzi Edlibi, master dancer and percussionist, and has performed at Alwan for the Arts in NYC with Ramzi Edlibi; Aghany Nass "Songs of the People", Urban Art Music of Yemen (2012) with Ammar Mohammed Hoyal, and the 10th Annual Arabic American Street Festival NYC. (2013)

WaLid has also played percussion for The American Spanish Theater. Assisting in senior movement classes, at Encore Senior Center, Hells Kitchen, NYC. (2016-2019)

WaLid is an instructor for several classes. Work out with WaLid: A virtual class focused, strengthen body posture and alignment. Enhancing balance, coordination, and range of motion. Lite cardio with low impact aerobics. Fun music and a touch of dance choreography. (2020)“SAGE” Center Harlem NORC, NYC.

Dancexersice: In person class, chair and standing exercise. Improvement of body strength, posture, coordination, low impact aerobics with music and dance choreography “Lillian Wald Senior Center” Lower East Side, NYC

He has performed as a DJ for Special Theme events at HANAC Ravenswood and Harmony centers for several years.

WaLid has obtained an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts Modern Languages from Borough Of Manhattan Community College and is fluent in Spanish.

Walid Guzman
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