Leonardo Sardella
  • Leonardo Sardella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • He began studying Tango and other dance at the Conservatorio Nacional de Danza at the age of eight.

  • Leo went on to study with many Tango maestros including: Osvaldo Zotto, Claudio Gonzalez and Garciela Gonzalez.

  • Leo has been a leading or featured dancer in Tango shows presented in prestigious theaters in Buenos Aires and around the world.

  • In recent years, he has toured, taught and performed in the United States and Europe with Graciela Gonzales, including: Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, Vienna, St. Petersburg and Rome.

  • With Walter Perez, Leo co-founded Malevaje Dance Company, Atlantic Tango, The New York Queer Tango Weekend, and Friends of Argentine Tango.

  • Leo and Walter are highly regarded teachers and performers, known for their seamless exchanges of lead and follow, creativity and musicality.